Powerland's 2nd-generation of energy recycling burn-in system from Powerland, designed for modern power supplying manufacturing business.



 • IoT Accessible with Product Tracking Functions

 • Energy Recycling Efficiency up to 95.5%

 • Return on Investment Cycle as Short as 15 Months


System Architecture:

 • Energy recycling efficiency up to 95.5% with resonant soft-switching power conversion topoloty

 • Modular design for ultimate flexibility of maintainence

 • Wide input voltage at 36~60V and 50~450V, feasible for all kinds of power supplies

 • Independent load parameter settings for mixed power supply burn-in

 • Parameter quick setting for minimal burn-in time cost

 • Monitoring and tracking with user-friendly interface


Return on Investment Cycle as Short as 15 Months:
  Please call us at +86-25-85582306 or email sales@fsp-powerland.com for details.