Oct. 31st, 2019: Powerland and Green Watt Power Welcome You to HortiCann Light + Tech Conference

HortiCann Light + Tech Conference is expend from Horticultural Lighting Conference, the key focus of the conference will still be horticultural lighting, with topics reflecting the increasing role of commercial special cultivation in addition to ornamentals, fruits, and vegetables. The conference also will feature an additional track with more speakers, to address technological topics beyond lighting, such as environmental controls, test and measurement, business and operations software, and security systems.

Powerland/Green Watt Power will attend the conference with the “ICE” family of LED drivers, this series is an ultra-high-efficiency outdoor LED driver targeted toward horticulture lights, fishing lights, sports lights, and other outdoor LED applications. The output programmability and isolated-wired/wireless controllability through Bluetooth or Zigbee (optional) makes the system solution very flexible.

Powerland's patented energy conversion technology boosts the efficiency to an unprecedented level at 97%. Plus, the driver has a long life time at 70,000 hours at the operating temperature of 75oC. These LED drivers are built with an ingress grade at IP67, and all-around protections such as short circuit, over voltage, over temperature, and 5.5kV/11kV lightning protections.

Specifically designed for North America and Europe’s high AC application, the “ICE” family of driver options include 108~305Vac, 240~382Vac, 277~460Vac, and 305~660Vac.

Here is more information about the “ICE” series:


Please visit Powerland/Green Watt Power in this conference. Please contact sales@fsp-powerland.com (ph. +86-25-85582306) in Asia or sales@greenwattpower.com (Ph. +1-310-881-3890) in America & Europe.