Green Power and Energy Consortium (GPEC) was established in Generation Technology Center of Powerland Technology Inc., to execute researches on breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions for tomorrow’s Green Power Conversion and Green Energy. Research directions include, but not limited to, high efficiency AC/DC and DC/DC converters, high performance ultra-long lifetime LED driver/power supply, architecture solutions for next generation LED TV backlight, wireless power, and so on.


As processor based systems, such as laptop and desktop computers, especially the cloudcomputing data centers, become more complex, more power is consumed by both active and standby systems. Consequently, efficient power solution, Green Power, for such a system imposes new challenges to energy management, especially for improved light load efficiency and battery life. 

With the ever-increasing adoption of LED lighting and solar power, efficient energy utilization, Green Energy, for future sustainable society is creating tremendous opportunities and leading us into a new era, wherein some new issues associated with legacy power conversion philosophy, such as lifetime and ultimate efficiency target arises.Click here for our research contributions.



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