Medical Power

Based on the cutting edge technological breakthroughs on power supply designs, Powerland has extended the customization service to medical field. From multiple output AC/DC to ultra high frequency AC/AC applications, from portable adapters to high voltage converters, Powerland develops and manufactures high-end power electronics products featured with high efficiency, high reliability, super long life, and high power density.

Successful Cases


1.6kW Medical Power
for Mobile DR

  • Univesal Input Voltage @ 90~264Vac

  • High Efficiency @ 2%

  • 9-Rail Output

  • CAN Communication

  • Comply with IEC60601-1 for Medical Power


160W RF Adapter
for Electric Knife

  • High Reliability

  • 160W AC Output

  • CF Safety Level

  • Comply with IEC60601-1 for Medical Power


100W Power Module
for RF Ablation

  • High Reliability

  • 100W AC Output

  • System Integrated Design

  • CF Safely Level

  • Comply with IEC60601-1 for Medical Power

Selected Models
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