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"We take the challenging tasks only!" -- Dr. Ming Xu, CEO


Since the very beginning of its foundation, Powerland has established strategic cooperation relationships with multiple global companies, and carries on the customized design service for challenging power solutions.

In addition to our product lines of LED drivers, EV and battery power, smart adapters, military power, Powerland has made advanced technological breakthroughs and advances in power supply across new energy conversion field as well as traditional power conversion applications, such as medical power, server and telecom power, solar power, and other "zero-carbon" power solutions. Powerland's Generation Technology Center (GTC) and Generation Product Center (GPC) have managed to integrate technology innovation with experienced product development, to design and manufacture high-end power electronics products featured with high efficiency, high reliability, super long life, and high power density.

During the past seven years, Powerland has developed technolgy/products for Tier-1 brand companys in multiple areas, such as Telecommunication, Medical, Military, Automobile, Industrial, Consumer Electronics, Server and Data Center. With our unique technologies, Powerland is looking forward to the honor to extend our services to more customers requiring cutting-edge solutions. Powerland is able to meet energy star and energy saving requirements through utilizing its high efficient power conversion technology.


Successful Customization Services

  Medical Power  
1600wmedical            unitedimaging-logo
1.6kW Medical Power for Mobile DR
  • Univesal Input Voltage @ 90~264Vac
  • Fanless Operation
  • High Efficiency @ 92%
  • 9-Rail Output
  • CAN Communication
  • Comply with IEC60601-1 for Medical Power
  Server and Telecom Power  
switcher            inspur
8kW Power Switcher
for Data Center
  • Universal AC Grid and HVDC Seemless Switcher
  • >99.5% Efficiency
  • Inrush Current Control
  • 1U (41.5mm) Profile
  • Build-in Battery Charger
2500wcharger          chinatel
2.5kW Charger
for Telecom Backup Power
  • Portable Design for Telecom Tower
  • Wide Input and Output Range
  • Five Channel Inputs
  • RS-232 Communication
  • LCD Display
125wbrick            navy
for Data Center, Military
  • Quater Brick
  • Fanless Operation
  • Ultra High Power Density
  • High Efficiency @ 91%
  • Fast Dynamic Response
  • Max. Operating Temperature @ 100ºC
  • Isolated Design
600wbrick            navy
for Data Center, Military
  • Full Brick
  • Fanless Operation
  • Ultra High Power Density
  • High Efficiency @ 91%
  • Fast Dynamic Response
  • Max. Operating Temperature @ 100ºC
  • Isolated Design
  "Zero-Carbon" Power Solutions  
PLD320            lhdl
300W DCDC Converter
for Wind Turbine
  • Wide Input Range @ 1:5.7
  • Fanless Operation
  • High Efficiency @ 95%
  • Ultra High Reliability
PLD320            lhdl
48W DCDC Converter
for Wind Turbine
  • Wide Input Range @ 1:8
  • Fanless Operation
  • High Efficiency @ 93%
  • Galvanically Isolated
  • Ultra High Reliability
singlebox            clearedge
10kW Singlebox
for Fuel Cell Power Station
  • Multi-Input Multi-Output Configuration
  • Split Phase and Single Phase Operation
  • Multi Unit Sharing Capability
  • HVDC Bus Available
  • CAN Bus Communication
  • 60ºC Full Power Opeartion

Consumer and Industrial Electronics
35wadapter            xiaomi-logo
  • Universal Input Voltage @90~264Vac
  • 4 USB Ports Output
  • 2.4A max. for Each USB Port
  • Quick Charging Compatible
  • 5000m Altitude Standard
210wcharger            niu
  • High Efficiency @ 91%
  • Fanless Operation with High Reliability
  • IP54 Protection
  • Charging Status Indicator
150W High Reliable
LED Display Power
  • Univesal Input Voltage @ 90~264Vac
  • Fanless Operation with High Reliability
  • IP64 Protection
  • Ultra High Power Density
  • Ultra Low Profile @0.94 inch
  • 1+1 Redundant Design
  • High Efficiency @ 92%
  • High Power Factor @ 0.98

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or +86-25-85582306, and have your concerns answered.