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Intellectual Power is the inner motivation to the technology development of Powerland, as if steam machine to the industry revolution, the computer and internet to the modern information war. Through two ways we accumulate the intellectual power: by Creative Innovation and by Enlightening Education. 


Contract Projects

By contracts, Powerland provides specific hardware and/or software services to our valued customers in need. Relying on its abundant experience in power electronics filed research and product development, Powerland is fully capable of customized tasks such as reference power supply design, hardware prototype building and testing, product development and evaluation. For the intellectual service aspect, we are pleased to offer options like in-depth research to discover innovative solutions in specific areas, or customized design tools and guidance for special needs, etc. 

Powerland fully understands and respects our customers' right of intellectual properties. Therefore, for each contract project, we are committed to keep their information and technologies confidential. If necessary, legal documents can be processed to ensure our partner's legitimate right.  


Educational Outreach

Together with multiple elites from Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES), Virginia Tech, Dr. Ming Xu would like to introduce several fundamental courses and hand-on workshops that are critical to the skill improvement for power supply design engineers. These enlightening education series are based on sound theories and, the most unique part, innovative research results. 

The education opportunities at Powerland cover modeling and control, power semiconductor, EMI reduction, and other advanced design techniques.  


Design Tools

Powerland's design tools, namely, the Power Electronics Design Expert (PEDE) are the most fantastic demonstration of our innovational and educational abilities. Rather than a circuit simulation tool, PEDE integrates the research fruits and well-known knowledge in power electronics field to give the power supply designers an all-in-one tool for their unique applications and specifications. PEDE design platform is not only handy for the experienced design engineers, but also great to serve the training purpose for the junior engineers. 


IP Consulting

Intellectual Property (IP) is a substantial part of the successful strategies for the market domination in terms of severe, and often, unfair competitions. The environment we operate in today is not the same as it was yesterday; and it will not be the same tomorrow. Competitive pressure, increasing customer demands, and the speed of business change become overwhelming for most power supplies companies. Powerland, by providing IP consulting services in the power electronics field, is here to help your business advance in two ways: identify and prioritize current technical challenges, and deploy beneficial technology solutions which are IP protected (your IP development solution); analyze the IP protected solutions of your competitor, and help you profit from an alternative solution (your IP defensive solution). Also, the IP gallery lists the patents of FSP-Powerland, which can be licensed to potential partners. 


To seek co-operation with Powerland, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .