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From day one of Powerland's establishment, "Me-First" strategy goes all through our product families. 
Powerland provides ultra-compact adapters, including smart 65W adapters for both laptop and portable devices, as well as multiple USB output quick charging adapters.
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Powerland is the leading brand in the market which provides reliable and advanced topology, our solution fulfill 90% of the lighting applications, including outdoor, commercial, home and others.
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Powerland has been designing and manufacturing ruggedized battery chargers and DC/DC converters for the fast growing electric vehicle and energy storage market.
Chargers        300W 
Powerland provides DCDC Brick Power, 175W and 315W 3U/6U CPCI Power Supply and 1200W/1700W/ 2100W DC/DC converters complying with military standard. High reliability with enforced mechanical design makes this series widely welcome for special applications.
cpci          dc
With our unique technologies, Powerland is looking forward to the honor to extend our services to more customers requiring cutting-edge solutions. Powerland is able to meet energy star and energy saving requirements through utilizing its high efficient power conversion technology.