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Powerland provides multiple solutions for the battery power applications. High efficiency, high reliability and high safty are always on our top target list.   




  Chargers   300W   EMERGY 3000 1  

Powerland provides 80~3600W battery chargers for electric powered vehicles and other applications.

Multiple models with high frequency yet silent operation offer you the compact-size, light-weight design.

In addition, the user friendly interface facilitates one to program the charging profile, making it series feasible at various applications with batteries.


From E-vehicle to new energy power stations, Powerland's 300W to 50kW DCDC converters provide high-frequency high-reliability wide-input/ouput bidirectional solutions.


Powerland's EMERGY and ION MATE series are All-in-One Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that integrate high-quality, long-life Lithium Iron-Phosphate Batteries, Battery Management Systems (BMS), AC Chargers, Photovoltaic (PV) Chargers, DC- AC inverters and System Control, with wireless monitoring, into a self-contained, self-managed unit to effectively utilize solar energies and AC grid power while providing back-up capability. The EMERGY and ION MATE series provide 900Wh~11kWh (up to 14.7kWh) of long-lasting energies.