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Green Computing

Novel Two-stage Architecture for Low Cost Adaptor  

In the applications of adaptor with output power larger than 65W, power factor correction is always a must. Widely adopted, two-stage solutions gain high performance, while single-stage solutions have almost the same performance but at a more compelling cost. Surely, a technology to gain both high performance and low cost is doubtlessly significant to the computing industry. 

By observing the up-and-down scenario of power processing in the conventional two-stage architecture, it has been revealed by Powerland that such architecture wastes the energy and cost to push the input to higher voltage which has to be stepped down further by the following DC/DC stage. Contrasting to the up-and-down conversion process, Powerland proposed the concept of down-and-down two-stage architecture with isolated DC/DC. A 90W adaptor implemented the proposed technology has demonstrated 20% cost reduction over the low cost version adaptor with conventional two-stage architecture, which compliants to Energy Star.

Novel Multi-Output DC-DC Topology   

As early as 2008, the number of personal computers passed 1 billion. And this number will double in year 2014. The power consumption generated by personal computers is not less than that by servers or data centers. Even 1% efficiency increase will lead to huge energy saving. Powerland foresees the trend and has developed the Platinum ATX power supply which compliant to newly released 80 Plus requirement.

A 450W ATX power supply is being developed to be the first platinum ATX in the world. The key features are: new architecture of LLC plus DAB (Dual Active Boost) topologies; ultra-high efficiency: 90%, 92%, 91% @ 20%, 50%, 100% loading, respectively; the first power supply to successfully implemented PWM Modulation, Frequency Modulation, and Phase Shift Modulation into a single DC-DC converter.

Single Stage AC-DC Converter  

Revisiting the power architectures of AC/DC front-end converters, it can be easily seen that there are redundant power conversion stages in the power flow chain, regardless two-stage (PFC+DC/DC) or conventional single-stage PFC solutions. Line-frequency rectifier is always adopted to convert the AC input voltage into DC. After that, the raw DC voltage, which is generated by the PFC circuit, is chopped into high frequency AC voltage so that it can pass through the high-frequency isolation transformer. On the secondary side, another rectifier is used to turn the high frequency AC voltage into targeted DC output voltage. Thus, from the rectification stand point of view, even conventional single-stage PFC topologies are just the pseudo single-stage for its doubled rectification process.

To reduce the rectifier stage, POWERLAND is proposing a novel single-stage AC/DC. Rectification is required once in whole power flow chain. According to the proposed topology, there is only one rectifier on the secondary side and high frequency DC/AC stage which potentially guarantee higher efficiency than ever-existed front-end topologies. 

Hybrid Power Conversion Concept  

Powerland’s proprietary hybrid conversion architecture seamlessly combines the switching converter together with linear regulator. Proposed hybrid conversion concept has been successfully applied in a four-stage 90w slim dual-input slim adaptor. This four-stage structure has demonstrated about 1% full-load efficiency improvement and about 100mw no-load power consumption saving.

Ultra-High Frequency Sin-Volt Resonant DC/DC  

LLC resonant DC/DC has been widely applied in today’s power conversion applications for its simplicity and high efficiency. However, there are still some existing issues which hind it from further applications into the server power and telecom power. These issues include the difficulty of SR driving, large ripple current of the output capacitor and realization of current limiting for N+1 redundant operation.

To overcome these problems, Powerland is proposing a novel resonant DC/DC topology, called Sin-Volt resonant converter. Its sinusoidal voltage across the switches, including SRs, provide perfect switching voltage condition for both primary and secondary switches. With the help of output filter inductor, the ripple current of the output capacitor is much smaller than that of conventional LLC converter.