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Green Lighting


Technology for General LED Lighting  

For commercial lighting application, LED is beginning to substitute the CFL due to higher efficiency, longer lifetime, and more color options. However, the electrolytic capacitor, existing in most conventional LED driver to comply with the EMC standard for lighting power supplies, is the short board for the lifetime of power supplies especially under harsh thermal environment inside LED lighting fixture. With our intellectual properties, Powerland successfully developed the technology for power supplies without electrolytic capacitor, thus greatly extend the lifetime of power supplies to be compatible with LED lighting fixtures.

LED Driver without Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors  

FSP-powerland innovatively proposed a simple control method to reduce the peak-to-average current ratio down to safe region, for example, 1.5:1, while achieving required power factor. Furthermore, such control scheme allows smaller flyback transformer by about 30% comparing to conventional solution under the same design condition, e.g. the lowest switching frequency. The technology is suitable for low power LED driver application, and has been successfully applied into a 30W LED driver product with 88% efficiency and 5% accuracy of average output current.

LED Power Supplies without Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors  

FSP-powerland proposed a novel two-stage topology which relies on the voltage pulsating on the small film capacitor to play the same role of energy balance as the electrolytic capacitor in the conventional solution. At the meantime, couple innovative ideas have been developed with the control to deal with the transient issues due to little buffering effect from film capacitor. The technology is suitable for constant voltage output power supplies for LED lighting, and has been successfully applied into a 30W LED lighting power supply product series with 88% efficiency and 36V output.

Ultra-Long Lifetime Driver for LED Street Lighting  

FSP-powerland patented a breakthrough two-stage design without the needs to the electrolytic capacitor. Proposed solution has been successfully applied into a 100W LED street-light driver with 94% efficiency and 5% accuracy of DC output current.



Technology for LED TV Backlight  

With the booming of LED backlighting in LCD TV, TV industry is driving harshly for the cost-down solution of LED backlighting. Similar to the CCFL lighting architecture inside the TV, current balancing is a must among the multiple strings of LED backlighting. Inspired by current balancing methods in CCFL backlighting, some current balancing ideas by utilizing the coupled inductor/transformer together with capacitor has been patented and implemented in some commercial LED backlighting designs.  

Hybrid Current Balancing Method for Multi-String LED Lighting  

Based on the comprehensive literature survey and detailed study, FSP-powerland proposed a new Hybrid Current-balancing Method for such application. According to the preliminary study, the total cost of this new solution can be 50% lower than existing LED backlighting solution. Simulation and prototyping have verified the feasibility and design procedure. 

Simple Non-Isolated Current-Balancing Method for Multi-String LED Lighting  

Powerland's studies have verified that proposed method is able to guarantee 1% accuracy of the current sharing. This solution is deemed to be a significant candidate to the future power architecture with external adaptor for next generation ultra-thin LED TV backlighting, for its simplicity and cost effectiveness. 

Capacitive Current-Balancing Method for Multi-String LED Lighting  

Inspired by switching capacitor concept, Powerland proposed an innovative current sharing solution by employing the capacitor only, which is so attractive to the IC implementation. Study has verified its operation principle, high density performance and implementation as well.