230~400W High-Density AC/DC Power Modules

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Powerland's “Caesar” series is an unprecedented and fully integrated AC-DC Power Processing Units (PPU) for compact and rugged applications. With patented technology embedded, this PPU series features with ultra-high efficiency, low profile, high power density and wide operation ambient temperature. They are designed to meet industrial applications with efficiency up to 96% and all round protection, as well as intelligence includes data logging communication and programming capability. W AC/DC module is featured with high-power density, high efficiency, and high reliability. This series has an ultra-low profile design at only 25.5mm. The “Caesar” series supports natural cooling without a fan and 1+1 redundancy with dual current-sharing modes integrated analog and digital current-sharing.

In addition for redundancy or power scale up needs, “Caesar” PPUs can be easily paralleled. To realize accurate power sharing among paralleled PPUs, there are two current sharing mode options for module paralleling, one is the active current mode with digitalized current sharing bus, the other is passive current sharing for system simplicity by programming the output impedance before hooking them together. 

With an external 0.1~1KHz PWM synchronizing signal, this AC-DC PPU series outputs modulated square waveform with two voltage levels programmed in advance. This unique feature supports the advance functionality of Power Line Communication (PLC) and the energy saving mode, which is significant and crucial in the design of the power train for high-end and sophisticated systems.

Caesar series is ideal for system applications need high reliability, high-power density, and high efficiency, such as LED displays, industrial robot, electric power, and railway.

Powerland's “Caesar” series AC/DC model features:

• Complies with EN60950 and EN62368

• Power Processing Unit (PPUTM) with Intelligent Power Conversion Technology embedded

• Easily parallel multiple modules for power scalability and redundancy

• Data logging and remote control through SCI communication interfacegher Power Boost with Additional Heat Sink

• Output Characteristic Programming capability

• Universal Input Voltage: 90~264Vac

• Power Boost with Additional Heat Sink

• Ultra-High Power Density: 27W/inch3

• All-Around Protections: UVLO, OVP, OCP, SCP, OTP

• Fan-less Silent Operation, Ultra High Reliability

• Wide Working Temperature: -40℃~55℃

For more information, please contact +86-25-85582306 or sales@powerlandtech.com. Sampling for all “Caesar” series models are available upon request.

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