Layout Design Engineer

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Layout Design Engineer

Job Descriptions:

 • Layout two-layer and four layer PCB independently;

 • Assist design engineers and researchers to accomplish PCB design, package/footprint drawing, and PCB layout;

 • Assist hardware engineers for PCB design related work;

 • Familiar with the circuit designing & manufacturing process, such as PCB Layout, SMT technology, electronic product assembly etc.  

Job Requirements\Qualifications:

 • BS degree or above in electronic or related majors;

 • Proficient in using Protel, P-CAD etc design tools to for PCB design;

 • Fundamental knowledge about electronic circuits, being familiar with general electrical and mechanical components;

 • Familiar with PCB layout and wiring design, have a profound understanding of electronic components package types & PCB design regulations;

 • A plus with experience of AC/DC POWER SUPPLY layout;

 • Proactive, communicative, and highly responsible;

 • English proficiency desired.

Additional Information:  Powerland is an equal opportunity employer. We value and welcome diversity in our employees and do not discriminate against any applicant or employee on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, color, disability or veteran status. We are committed to providing a workplace free of any discrimination or harassment. Qualified candidates are invited to apply. 

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