Powerland’s E-motor chargers have a good reputation overseas

Release Time:2021.08.03 Read:1539

In 2016, Germany voted to ban the internal combustion engine by 2030, and the UK Government has followed suit, bringing its ban on the sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans forward from 2040 to 2030, too. This leaves electric vehicles as our only current viable alternative. Ranges of over 100 miles are already possible, making an EV bike a viable proposition for many commuters as well as those who just want to have fun. Recharge times are dropping too as technology improves. A full battery in 30 minutes isn’t an unrealistic ask these days as high quality, high speed chargers become more prevalent and easier to use. Therefore, more and more people choose electric motorbike as their commuting way.


Recently, UK does a survey on the best electric motorcycles in the UK to buy now. The best popular brands as follows: Zero S, Cake Kalk INK, Zero SR/S, Cake Kalk&, Energica Eva Ribelle, Harley-Davidson Livewire, Zero SR/F, Čezeta 506/02, Vespa Elettrica, Energica Ego, Super Soco TC-Max, Super Soco CUx, Zero DSR, Sur-ron LBX.


As a high-quality chargers supplier for the Tier 1 electric motorcycle brand, Powerland is a leading power company, providing full services, products and solutions for power electrics, such as charging and DCDC solutions, high power density applications, power modules, portable adapters, and industrial/medical power supplies.

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