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Powerland is a leading power company, providing full services, products and solutions for power electronics and renewable energy applications with high efficiency, high reliability, ultra-long lifetime, and high power density.


Since its establishment in 2009, Powerland has attracted international expertise and employed power technologists into its R&D team. With over 150 engineers (including over 48 Masters and 7 Ph.Ds), Powerland excels in both technology innovation and superior products – with proven product development, design and manufacturing of high-end power electronics products, including Li-ion battery chargers, DC/DC, LED drivers, and industrial power.


With our rapid development of business and global market layout with over 50% growth for many years and shipping millions of product each year, we are looking for  business partners to share in our success and hope to establish strategic cooperation and relationship with strong partners.

If you are interested to join us, please contact Nanjing Headquarter in China at 86-25-85582306 or or Powerland Website: Or contact Green Watt/Powerland North America Office at 1-310-881-3890 or or the Green Watt Power website:

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