Dr. Ming Xu Accepting "MTI" Interview: Powerland's Innovative Capacity on LED Drivers

Release Time:2022.04.26 Read:223

Recently, Dr. Ming Xu, CEO of Powerland, accept the interview of "MTI" which is a famous magazine in USA. He introduced the innovative and manufacturing capacities on LED drivers.

“We could easily customize the LED drivers and meet the client’s demand through technical expertise and specialist capabilities” says Dr. Ming Xu, CEO of Powerland Technology.


Powerland offers a wide range of the LED drivers whose output can vary from 10Watt to 1200Watt that can work between 100V to over 400V. its programmable all-in-on diming outdoor LED driver series, which comes in 120W,150W,or 240W variants, are digital programmable drivers with adjustable output current for smart lighting and ultra-deep diming requirements. 

For more information, please contact Green Watt/Powerland North America at 1-310-881-3890 or sales@greenwattpower.com.  

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