Powerland Once Again Sponsor of Michigan Electric Racing

Release Time:2022.08.10 Read:582

As a partner with the University of Michigan, Powerland and Green Watt Power (Powerland’s North America Company) have become the Silver Sponsor of a team for Michigan Electric Racing in the 2022 season. It is the second year that Powerland participates in this activity and offers on-board chargers for this team.


Powerland’s on-board Li-ion battery charger is designed with ultra-high power density, as well as full metal case enclosure. The excellent power conversion efficiency and thermal management provides the on-board standard charger high reliability and long life time. Powerland’s chargers offer solid and safe power conversions for applications such as e-vehicles, e-motorcycles, etc.

For more detail, please contact at Powerland at sales@powerlandtech.com.

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