Design Tools: PEDE


Powerland is building the Power Electronics Design Expert (PEDE) as a general design platform for typical power supply applications. The purpose of the PEDE is to provide an all-in-one switching converter design tool for power supply engineers. Different from circuit simulation software, the PEDE guides the users to select and optimize circuit topologies, components and control methods according to their applications and specifications. 


As shown below, the PEDE covers almost all aspects of a switching power supply design, including circuit operation, magnetic components design, feedback control design, EMI filter design, thermal management, etc. Therefore, the PEDE not only serves as a general knowledge base and training program for junior engineers, but also provides a valuable tool for experienced engineers to save the development time significantly. For each project, the PEDE provides a complete performance evaluation summary, covering efficiency estimation and loss breakdown, component stress analyses, control loop stability, hot spot prediction, Bill of Material (BOM), etc. The embedded component library of the PEDE allows user to conveniently compare components' performances, making the component selection straight forward. Moreover, all these fantastic functions and features are integrated in a user-friendly application program with a self-explaining interface. 


During the development process of the PEDE, small general tools such as MOSFET loss estimation are generated. Those tools are available to registered users and customers.

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