Green Energy Technology
Powerland and OPPO Co-Launched 50W Super VOOC “Biscuit” Adapter

15th July, 2020 -- OPPO, one of global top mobile phone manufacturers, announced an amazing 50W Super VOOC “Biscuit” Adapter, which is of high power density, ultra-small thickness, and high efficiency. Powerland is honored to co-design and manufacture this adapter with OPPO. The…

2020 07-15
230~400W High-Density AC/DC Power Modules

Powerland's “Caesar” series is an unprecedented and fully integrated AC-DC Power Processing Units (PPU) for compact and rugged applications. With patented technology embedded, this PPU series features with ultra-high efficiency, low profile, high power density and wide operatio…

2020 02-14
400~720W High-power Led Drivers with 97% Efficiency and up to 660Vac Inputs

The “ICE” family of LED drivers from GWP-Powerland Technology Inc., a Division of FSP-Powerland, is an ultra-high-efficiency LED driver series targeted toward outdoor lighting like horticulture, fishing, sports, and other outdoor LED applications. The output programmabilit…

2019 04-05
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